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Personal Portrait Photography in Welling, Bexleyheath

Opticforge Photographics has now moved its headquarters to Welling, bringing you our first Class Photography service with that Extra Personal Touch, all at reasonable prices without the hassle of Central London.

This means we can now offer our Premier Photography Services minus the heavy Central London Studio costs, but more importantly, all our shoots now come with an UNLIMITED TIME RESTRICTION, so we can shoot till perfection not worrying about the clock.*

Our unique difference is that we are YOUR Personal Portrait Photographers.
We pride ourselves on our light and friendly approach to portrait photography and ensure you’re always confident to be in front of the camera in our relaxed environment. You will never be pressured into a sale and you are free to contact us as much as you want for help and advice before committing to a shoot - you will not find this anywhere else and is the reason most of our clients still keep in touch.

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A Little About Welling, Bexleyheath

This quiet English town situated in the South East of London neighbours Bexleyheath and Greenwich, and with the excellent connections to Central London your journey would normally take just over 20 minutes by train.
There are beautiful locations close by that are generally not too busy, providing scenic backgrounds and picturesque themes should you wish to shoot outside.

We also have our own Studio here which we use for many of out headshot, portrait and portfolio sessions. If you need professional grade photographs for your business, work or personal life, we guarantee you will not be disappointed with our results.
We have discounts for self employed and small business owners desperately in need of Premium Quality Pictures, and fair prices for the everyday you and me that just want to treat themselves to a personal photoshoot, knowing they will receive the same Superior Class Standards our Large Corporate and Advertising clients are used to.
It is because of this out of town location which is not too far from central that we are able to offer such great prices for our outstanding quality and legendary service - prices which would have been two to three times higher had we stayed in London.

Our talented and friendly staff are always on hand to help you, so book now for a fun day with results you can keep forever.