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Package Up, No Troubles (Old Kit Bag Optional)

PhotoClubs are there for those that need regular updates to their photographs but over an indefinite period of time This may be because you belong to an agency that is always demanding up to date shots of their talent pool, or for people that are constantly creating new fashion looks and styles for portfolios and websites.

Unlike our Calendars & Multishoot option, Photoclubs do not have a fixed length of time. One you have paid a one off membership fee, you will be entitled to as many shoots as you need but at a discounted rate for life.

Photoclubs are open ended - you only pay for shoots as and when you need them. A Photoclub member may also bring a friend who will also receive a discounted shoot albeit smaller.

If on the other hand you have a fixed term goal over a period of twelve or eighteen months a Calendars & Multishoot would better suit your needs. If you are embarking on a fitness or body transformation scheme and want certain “Progress” shots, or are literally creating a twelve month calendar of different looks and styles for yourself and promotion, this is the deal for you.
Calendars & Multishoots are closed packages which require full payment upfront ( based on the number of shoots you have chosen to do ) but will wind up saving you money in the long run when compared to a Photo Club.

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