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Always Optional, Extras

Bells and Whistles help round off an experience and can add some perfecting finishing touches, but we at Opticforge Photographics also believe that things should not be thrust in our faces, especially if face thrusting objects are not our thing.

This is why all our packages are bases to which you can add only the things you need, or none at all as the case may be. We will never force our brilliantly awesome products on you, and our business will only conclude when you are fully satisfied with the services you chosen.

Shoot Extras

Makeup Artist

Some may consider them as one of the basic essentials you need for a shoot, but we can tell you that basic is not a word you should use to describe them. Makeup artists sculpt and tone your facial features, enhancing your natural beauty and really make it show on camera. They really are the front line when it comes to showing off your radiant looks, no matter how bad a morning you may be having. Whether you shoot on a regular basis or are having this one experience to immortalise for the rest of your life, we cannot recommend them enough.

Hair Stylists

Often overlooked when planning the big day, hair stylists have the power to dramatically transform your whole outlook from Golly Gosh to Gee Whiz. You will be amazed how much influence these skilled craftspeople possess when it comes to the overall wow factor of the final image.

Wardrobe Stylists

If you feel like you’ve dressed in the dark each day, a wardrobe stylist may be the new best friend you need in your life. At a mere glance these talented individuals just know which outfit and accessories work, and which to avoid. Can’t tell your A lines from your zip lines? Please check that box!

Extra Photo Retouches

Retouch Packs

Every shoot comes with a certain number of retouches as standard, the number of which depends on the base or package you choose. Sometimes though you'll find that you really like a lot more, and can't decide on which ones to select. Thats where the extras come in - you can add groups of 1, 3 or 10 more retouches to your package so you will always have the shots you love.
Why Do We Need Retouches?

Photo Prints

Extra A4 Prints

Some shoots come with high quality A4 prints included. This optional extra allows you to have more in case you need them for future use. These can be added at any time before, during, or even a long time after you have had your shoot. The Possibilities are endless...

A3 Photo Prints

You’d be surprised of the impact an A3 print can deliver when compared to its smaller A4 brother - the larger size really helps to bring the image to life and yet its not too big to project a vanity complex

A3 Framed Prints

Why not go all out and make a grand display piece to be proud of, whilst still not presenting a narcissistic impression

Poster Prints

On the other hand, maybe you DO want to show off your drop dead charismatic good looks. You are sensational and its your right to feel awesome about it, dammit!.

Large Framed Print

That one above, times infinity.

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